Men, Can You Take Your Wife Back After Cheating On You?

Leave a comment / By: hbk / 27 July, 2020 10:17:21AM
Men, Can You Take Your Wife Back After Cheating On You?

I had this discussion with a friend yesterday and I deceived to bring it up to IMBEREHEZA Forum.

His answer was “NO”.

His Reasons;

Even in relationship it is a deal breaker in addition to stealing for me. If you are my woman, and you do this two, or even one, Game over.

1. If she cheats, I am no longer enough for her. In fact if the new man is hitting her on centre of gravity where she is enjoying it very well, I have automatically become impedance for her.

2. Due to me becoming impedance, she can eliminate me easily, because she cooks my family meal.

3. I am likely going to commit murder; I know what I can do. I really don't want anyone to awake the demon in me

4. A lot of beauty and cool headed with brain ladies out there, so I really don't need to keep a time bomb (cheating wife) under my roof

5. She will corrupt my kids, especially the females. Because mother goat that eats yam, the child will copy her.

6. It’s difficult for a woman to cheat, but ones she does, she has crossed.

Do you agree with him?

Let us hear from you.

Drop your comments. 

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