Wife & Mother-In-Law Fight Over Who Will Sit In Front Of Her Husband's Car

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Wife & Mother-In-Law Fight Over Who Will Sit In Front Of Her Husband's Car

“I Am In His Life Now, Why Are You Still Here” - Wife To Mother-in-law

Än altercation ensued between a lady and her mum in law over who should seat in front of the car with her husband. The man had obviously picked up his mum earlier before getting to where his wife was waiting for him.

On getting there, the wife rudely asked the mum to move to the back seat and despite pleas from her husband, she  remained resolute that the mum in law must change seats. Since it takes two to tango, the husband's mum also stayed put and insisted she is not changing position. 

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The Wife or Mother-in-law

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Hmmmm, shebi she can find her way home


This is me and my woman knows already, the first position of any woman in my life is my mother, my wife takes the 2nd position when my mum passes away at old age my wife takes that position. I mean what I said. You see when I do not have money ladies avoided me like a plague but mum was there for me never left me once, consoled me and always assured me that things will be fine. God forbid things go sour your wife can just wake up and run away, but mama will never run away, she is always there irrespective of situation. Your wife can divorce you over a simple matter but mama can never leave she is mama till death. You can get another wife but you can never get another mama. Check it even armed robbers who are facing firing squad mama will still be there crying her eyes out but it will take the grace of God for wife to be on ground. My Mama remains my number one any day anytime doesnt diminish the love I have for my woman.

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